Issue IV

Chicago's bike pathway serves as a way to interrogate the white gaze

I called me house with refurbished

roof, cobbled walls grown over in

shrubs, swing door turned white

Pink-eyed, albino, the night

drags and dredges to expose

the fatal crash of the one man

suspected of purple longings

To challenge neoliberalism's hegemony, we must ask what it means to organize under its dominion

BSR Blog

"I wish to believe that by becoming more self-conscious the white gaze may be made more questioning, more reciprocal, more a basis for dialogue."

"Rain for the last week and a half though the sun threatened to burst through the thick blanket of clouds draped over the city this morning."

"No text is more than a page; many are a pair of lines. Any longer and something resembling meaning might’ve coalesced."

In episode VII of The Blackstone Review podcast, Shaun and Eric speak with Bill Hutchison about his manifesto from the journal’s second issue, the compromised nature of privacy, and the potential for technology to bring people together