Issue V

There are things I want you to know
for the sake of science—

give me cloud weaved tan
& brown & pill yes

Ten collages challenge the understanding of seeing and perceiving

200 billion stars in the galaxy
where we are alive each is
some kind of sun.

their fathers were fathers     but
no measure of will can protect a son

BSR Blog

"What WATERSHED reveals in this strange scene from an imagined future is the extent to which the American imagination of the present continues to be haunted by a spectacle that hides as much as it reveals."

"I wish to believe that by becoming more self-conscious the white gaze may be made more questioning, more reciprocal, more a basis for dialogue."

"Rain for the last week and a half though the sun threatened to burst through the thick blanket of clouds draped over the city this morning."

"No text is more than a page; many are a pair of lines. Any longer and something resembling meaning might’ve coalesced."

In episode VII of The Blackstone Review podcast, Shaun and Eric speak with Bill Hutchison about his manifesto from the journal’s second issue, the compromised nature of privacy, and the potential for technology to bring people together